Futoshiki Sudoku Kakuro Akari Puzzle

4 games in one !
– Sudoku
– Kakuro
– Futoshiki
– Akari
Five level in each game (Sudoku Futoshiki Kakuro and Akari) and 20 puzzles in each level for each game (Sudoku Futoshiki Kakuro and Akari).
There are many options for helping a player to solve puzzles, i hope that you enjoy this game (Sudoku Futoshiki Kakuro and Akari).
– Akari is a reflection game, the goal is to light the whole grid using lamps,
the grid consists of black cells and walls.
Each wall contains a number that indicates the number of lamps in the vicinity of the wall (horizontal and vertical only), if a wall does not contain a number then we can put lamps in the vicinity without constraint of number.
two lamps must not be superimposed . (Akari game)
– FUTOSHIKI is a game of reflection, the objective of this game is to constitute vertical or horizontal words such that a word consists of numbers between 1 and X (X is the dimention of the grid), the signs> and – KAKURO is a game that looks a lot like crosswords, but with numbers instead of letters, a vertical or horizontal word consists of numbers between 1 and 9, a number does not repeat itself in a word, the sum of the number result of the word in column or line is equal to the number indicated in the triangles on the right or on the top (kakuro game)
– Sudoku game . put number between 1 and 9 ech number must be putted only one time in row, rank and zone (Soduku game)
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– sudoku game with 4 different game :
– sudoku
– kakuro
– futoshiki
– akari
– 100 puzzle for each game
– 5 level for each game

Futoshiki Sudoku Kakuro Akari puzzle for Android Trailer