Candy Crush Friends


Return to the kingdom of candy with all your friends

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Candy Crush Friends is a new game within the Candy Crush franchise that uses the same popular gameplay loved by casual gamers everywhere. More matching jellybeans, gummies, and other sweets to create explosions of color and fun.

The first version of Candy Crush Friends (the one we tested to write this review) has a little over 70 levels where you’ve got to match jellybeans of all kinds. The aim in each round is, as usual, to get three stars, and to do it you’ve got to crush tons of candies using as few moves as possible.

At the visual level Candy Crush Friends has the same aesthetic that so delighted players of Candy Crush Saga, but with many effects and improved graphics. To the simple, pretty, and colorful designs – so traditional in this saga – are added 3D elements like the special jellybeans or the characters who help you during the rounds.

Candy Crush Friends is an entertaining game that despite offering nothing new or original still manages to keep players hooked with its simple and easy-to-learn gameplay. Seems like crushing candy never goes out of style.

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