The description of South Park Quiz 2018

Test your knowledge and try to guess all the South Park characters! Share the result with your friends!
– South Park
The quiz has all your favorite characters from South Park TV Series.

– Simple Gameplay
Start the game easily without complicated rules or registration.

– Solution Feature
Your brain is overheating? We offer you several ways to help get back on track such as show one correct letter, remove an incorrect letter, or reveal the right answer.





The description of Loco

Loco is the live trivia game show with cash prizes. Every day at 10 pm sharp. Weekdays also at 1.30pm.

Download the app and tune in it at 10 pm sharp to compete in a live quiz with thousands of other players as our host takes you through the show.

Feel the rush of playing in real-time as you race to get the right answers in under 10 seconds. 10 fun questions thrown at you one after the other – one wrong answer and you’re eliminated! Unless you have an extra life.

Refer all your friends to earn extra lives. If you do manage to answer all 10 questions correctly, you take home real money! Cash prizes range start from Rs 10,000 and keep going up depending on the total number of people playing!

Winning money has never been this fun and exhilarating!

Loco weaves together the interactivity of mobile, the rush of gaming, the engagement of live video and the allure of real cash into one explosive package.

All timings are in IST (Indian Standard Time). If you are a lover of any live or trivia games then this app is for you.

Apart from English we also support Hindi. We are also planning to include other regional languages soon like tamil, telgu, marathi etc.

The trivia question’s topics covered are general knowledge, current events, technology, crickets, food, sports, religion, politics, music, Bollywood, Hollywood and history.

Even if you are preparing for any exams like UPSC, IAS, Civil Service, IBS, CAT, GATE, SSC CGL or any other government exams, this app is going to help you



The description of Adivina la Canción

Para los fanáticos de la Música llegó Adivina la Canción!
Adivina la Canción es un juego muy divertido y ágil, en el que deberás adivinar canciones, cantantes y bandas, no es fácil! pero si ¡muy divertido!
Si te gusta la música y crees que eres bueno adivinando canciones, Adivina la Canción te va a encantar!
Seleccionamos las mejores Canciones de todos los tiempos, bandas famosas e hicimos preguntas variadas para que todos puedan jugar, divertirse y aprender sobre Música, Canciones, Bandas y Cantantes!¿Cómo jugar?
Jugar Adivina la Canción es muy fácil!
Elige una Categoría y ya comienza la ronda de preguntas de Canciones!
Una pregunta aparecerá en la pantalla y deberás elegir entre 4 opciones cual es el cantante o la canción correcta!
Deberás contestar antes que el tiempo se agote!

Cada Ronda tiene 10 preguntas sobre canciones, bandas y los cantantes famosos ¿Crees que podrás hacerlo?

Las Ayudas
Cuando no sepas una canción, puedes pedir una ayuda!
Cada ayuda te dará algún dato para que puedas deducir cual es la respuesta correcta y algunas veces hasta te dirá cual es la correcta!

¿Cómo canjear ayudas?
Antes y después de cada pregunta podrás entrar a la Tienda, allí encontrarás las Ayudas!
¡Las preguntas de Adivina la Canción se actualizan automáticamente todos los días, sin necesidad de actualizar la aplicación!
Ya estás listo para Adivinar todas las canciones y ser el #1 en el Top de jugadores de Adivina la Canción!



The description of Moneyball

Moneyball is an interactive game show about the PBA on TV5.

Who can play and what are the requirements?
Anyone can participate. A player only needs to:
1. Watch the Moneyball segment on TV5, typically shown live during select PBA games’ halftime intermission.
2. Download/install the Moneyball app (smartphones only for now, landline support coming soon), register once, and log in before the Moneyball programme begins.
When the TV host instructs you to press « Start », put your device close to the TV speakers. The TV sound is used to synchronize and activate your game.

Which devices are supported?
The Moneyball app is available for iOS and Android devices, including PLDT Telpad. Moneyball app can be downloaded from iTunes Store and Google Play stores.

How is the game played?
The game is comprised of four rounds. The first three rounds consist of multiple-choice trivia questions. The faster the player responds (5-second timer), the higher the potential score (maximum of 5000 points). The second round is worth double (10.000 maximum points), whereas the third round is worth triple (15,000 points maxium). The fourth and final round, called the Moneyball round, is a rapid-fire categorization game, whereby eight names/team/words/items are shown, one every three seconds. Players are asked to categorize each item into one of the options shown, all within a « 24-second shot clock ».

Can Moneyball be played anytime?
Moneyball games can only be played during select PBA games, typically at halftime of games that are broadcast live. Schedule of games may be found at

Why is the registration form long?
The Philippine Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) requires submission of personal information—full name, address, mobile phone, etc.—which may be used to verify players claiming prizes. TV5 requires players to upload valid profile photos, which may appear on TV. Amusing profile photos are allowed, even encouraged. But unrecognizeable photos, brands, logos, icons, and images other than the player’s may result in player disqualification. Registration is a one-time process, but players must log in prior to every Moneyball broadcast.



The description of TRIVIA 360

TRIVIA 360 is a free quiz game you can play on your android. It is an easy to play trivia app but at the same time it is an excellent brain game. Try the game and you will be able to give your brain an immaculate boost by addictive thinking and IQ challenge!

How to play the trivia game
Post download you can play the brain game with a variety of trivia puzzles. The quizzes are set in different categories such as Classic 4-answers questions, true/false questions, flag quiz, landmark riddles and more.

Simply try the questions from your selected mode and check how many right answers you can hit!

App’s Feature:
• User friendly interface,
• Players can access leaderboard and check how other online players are performing in this trivia game,
• The quizzes are set in different categories such as Classic 4-answers questions, true/false questions, flag quiz, landmark riddles and more.

Download the app TRIVIA 360 and start enjoying the brainstorming session at random. You will get to spend quality time on your android for sure.



The description of 問答RPG 魔法使與黑貓維茲

《問答RPG 魔法使與黑貓維茲》由日本知名手機遊戲公司COLOPL,Inc製作,全球累計下載突破3,900萬、台港澳超過180萬。超有趣的問答冒險,和全國玩家一同鬥智,是一款老少咸宜的全民遊戲!!


人們將這股力量稱之為 – 魔法
並稱呼開啟睿智之門者為 – 魔法使

《問答RPG 魔法使與黑貓維茲》是利用召喚精靈並進行正確答題進行戰鬥的『益智問答型RPG』,遊戲背景處於使用魔法的異想空間,玩家扮演著魔法使,在廣大的世界裡與黑貓維茲一起,以成為一流魔法使為目標的奇幻冒險故事!





全新協力模式『Gate Defender』不定期舉辦,遊戲中可和全國玩家們成為好友,互相的幫助扶持,另外可獲得友情點數,可免費的進行轉蛋機獲得更多精靈喔!




問答RPG 魔法使與黑貓維茲 for Android official Trailer



The description of Tao Biết Tuốt

Cùng nằm trong tựa game về đuổi hình bắt chữ quen thuộc Tao Biet Tuot – 2 hinh 1 chu sẽ đem lại cho bạn những tràng cười sảng khoái qua từng câu đố

Luật chơi:
– Với 2 hình ảnh cho trước, người chơi sẽ phải kết hợp 2 hình ảnh đó để tìm ra 1 chữ ý nghĩa đằng sau nó
– Hãy vận dụng trí thông minh sáng tạo của bạn để nhìn hình bắt chữ và đoán chữ

Tính năng game:
– Với mỗi câu trả lời đúng bạn sẽ được trả coin , ngoài ra bạn có thể kiếm thêm coin bằng cách hoàn thành nhiệm vụ hằng ngày
– Sử dụng coin để giúp bạn loại bỏ từ không liên quan, bật mí ô chữ, giải mã hình ảnh
– Chức năng chia sẻ facebook để hỏi bạn bè

Nếu bạn là fan của Đuổi Hình Bắt Chữ 2017 thì Tao Biết Tuốt – 2 Hình 1 Chữ chính là game phù hợp nhất dành cho bạn. Hàng nghìn câu đố duoi hinh bat chu được biên tập kĩ lưỡng, đi kèm với gợi ý thông minh, giải thích rõ ràng, không đánh đố hại não vô lí như những trò chơi khác.Trò chơi không chỉ giúp rèn luyện trí tuệ mà còn đem lại cho bạn những giây phút thư giãn thoải mái.
Chúc bạn có những phút giây vui vẻ cùng trò chơi này!

Tao Biết Tuốt – 2 Hình 1 Chữ – Thử thách trí thông minh của bạn



The description of Knowledge

Knowledge is Power is the companion app you need to play the quiz game full of trivia, tricks and tactics for the PlayStation®4 system.

Challenge your friends and family to a battle of brainpower in this competitive quiz for two to six players.
Use your phone or tablet to answer rapid fire general knowledge questions, compete in touch screen challenges and target your rivals with an arsenal of Power Plays.

Make sure your PS4™ system is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your device and then you’re ready to go. Simply follow the in-app instructions to connect.

Use this app to:
Choose a character and snap a selfie using fun filters that match the look
Answer quiz questions without your rivals seeing your choice
Choose from a selection of Power Plays and target your closest rivals
Engage in touch screen challenges to be the faster finger on the sofa
Play ‘Quick Quiz’ using just the app and share your winner’s photo on social media

The application can be used in the following languages:
English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, Russian, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Latin American Spanish, Turkish, Greek, Czech and Hungarian.

PlayLink titles are all about social gaming that everyone can enjoy. Pop a game into your PS4™ system, pick up your smartphone or tablet, gather around your TV and prepare for a refreshingly different experience – without the need for multiple DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controllers.

Please note: This app acts as a controller. PS4™ system, the Knowledge is Power game, and the Knowledge is Power Companion App required to play. PS4™ system and the Knowledge is Power game for the PS4™ system sold separately.

The following Terms of Use and Privacy Policy apply to the use if this app, depending on your country of residence:



The description of Questions Pour Un Champion


– Retrouvez les 3 manches mythiques du jeu TV !
– Affrontez des milliers de joueurs et escaladez le classement des LIGUES
– Rentrez dans l’élite avec le nouveau mode SUPER CHAMPION
– Enchaînez les victoires pour faites grimper votre cagnotte et obtenir des ticket super champion !
– Créez votre propre Avatar
– Continuez le jeu sur votre smartphone, votre tablette, ou sur le Web en utilisant simplement vos comptes France Télévisions et/ou Facebook

Questions pour un Champion est un jeu multijoueur qui vous propose de jouer en répondant à des milliers de questions de culture générale. Ce quiz fonctionne sur le principe de l’émission TV Question pour un Champion (QPUC) animée par Samuel Etienne sur France 3.

Retrouvez directement sur votre smartphone ou votre tablette les différentes manches mythiques de l’émission (9 points gagnants, 4 à la Suite et Face à Face). Entrez dans la compétition et devenez LE Champion !

Rejoignez la communauté des fans du jeu QPUC :

– Aimez la page Facebook : pour en savoir plus sur les nouveautés.
– Visitez notre site officiel :
– Découvrez le jeu web :



The description of حلها واحتلها

نقدم لكم لعبة المعلومات والثقافة والمسابقات الشيقة حلها واحتلها لعبة مسابقات فريدة من نوعها وبشكل جديد و تصميم ممتع
حلها واحتلها هي لعبة جديدة تتميز عن بقية العاب المسابقات وتعطي المزيد من الحماس والمتعة لمحبي العاب التفكير والعاب الذكاء وهي لعبة ممتعة من العاب الذكاء وتشبه لعبة المليونير او من سيربح المليون الى حدما
اذا كنت من محبي العاب الالغاز والاسئلة مثل سيف المعرفة او الكلمات المتقاطعة وصلة او كلمة السر فهذه اللعبة سوف تنال اعجابك بالتأكيد وسوف تعيش معها اجمل لحظات الحماس والمغامرة لانها تصلح لجميع الاسرة
في لعبة حلها واحتلها سوف تقوم بالاجابة الى اسئلة المسابقة التي تظهر لك لكي تقوم بالفوز بالرحلة عليك الاجابة على جميع الاسئلة بشكل صحيح حتى لاتخسر المعارك الدائرة هناك
اذا واجهتك صعوبة لاتقلق فقد اضفنا عدة وسائل مساعدة جديدة وفريدة سوف تساعدك في الاجابة
نذكر منها حذف اجابتين
اخذ رأي الحكيم لتوجيه السؤال الى حكيم القرية
واخذ رأي جنودك في المعركة والكثير من الاشياء الاخرى التي سوف تكتشفها بنفسك في لعبة حلها واحتلها لعبة المعارك والتفكير الجديدة

🌟 مميزات اللعبة 🌟

★ واجهة بتصميم جميل مع رسوم عالية الدقة
★ اسئلة علمية ثقافية دينية تاريخية منوعة
★ وسائل مساعدة
★ وسيلة حذف اجابتين
★ سؤال القبيلة
★ الهدنة لثتبيت الرصيد في اللعبة
★ تسجيل نقاطك وتخزينها على حسابك في اللعبة 🏆
★ مقارنة نقاطك مع اللاعبين حول العالم 👑

جرب لعبة المعلومات الجديدة حلها واحتلها وتحدى نفسك وقم باحتلال القرى

رايك يهمنا لاتنسى تقييم اللعبة 👍